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    Levi x reader sleep talking

    • levi x reader sleep talking He was standing on his bed. The Fight. “Go to sleep, Mammon. Titan Shifter Levi + Reader Part 2. ” . A deep sigh escapade your lips. Requested by- Tenshi-Chan404. And she never listens to him unless he calls her 'older sister' and she always scolds him whenever he uses bad language and she makes him be nice . Reiner comes behind you, his large torso bumping against your back as he slowly pushes your front against the messy kitchen counter. Levi + Woman’s Tribe Reader. to. Levi x Reader (F) Reckless. WARNINGS: Very slight NFSW (nothing major though), Reader getting cheated on, angst, doubt. So Luke’s 'milk’ isn’t milk. He sat on the edge of his bed and ran his fingers through his raven strands which spurted from his scalp. if you dont wanna do this it is alright <3 it’s a little funny actually, by the time you wake up you’re rubbing at your eyes, you don’t even notice how close levi is to you until his hot breath fans across your neck. You were leaning back in your chair to fully take in the mess on your desk. Oi. levi headcanons levi x reader levi ackerman hcs levi ackerman . he’d probably be closed off to other people when talking about it . You snuggled into the soft mattress, curling up slightly and immediately hogging all the cozy blankets. While you get tortured by the military police to reveal the truth, Levi tries his best to prove your innocence. " I warned him and next thing you know, he bit his tongue. ”. like levi, it’s rare for him to sleep alone now. Hey, questa è la mia sesta Levi x Reader! Non sono programmate scene volente, ma sono possibili scene smut. Request: from @foriternity Could you write a Levi or Jean x reader where they get jealous? Warnings: Only warnings that apply to Levi. You lifted your hand and swatted away, only to fall on the floor. 4 Bloodsport Tournament 2. Your neighbours pushed a stroller with a babbling baby inside, while your secretary at work finally took maternity leave, Petra’s bump having gotten so big she didn’t even fit in her desk any longer. your. But Luke was talking so much. levi. I rode next to Levi as we made our ways to the old Corps HQ. You looked like you were cold. Sleep. Better, right? Oh, how he wished he could get in the bed with you, just to sleep next to you, keep you warm. Like full blown laughter and on rare events he rolls on the floor while laugh crying and one day hange or 104th witness this. You try to maintain your balance but the pressure your body just received is a little bit unbearable. ↦ pairing(s): levi ackerman x reader [modern AU] ↦ word count: 4k ↦ anon request: [plus] (Same anon asking the angst & fluff anon) _ but she doesn’t. Vi prego di rispettare le opinioni e di non insultare. -> Talking about height and age, teen Levi is HIGHLY insecure about his height even with him being 10 cm taller. Levi x Fem!Reader. The pocky stick was pinched between his fingers, and Hanji waved a little before she shut the door with a shout of "15 minutes!" Levi x Reader- Let Me Sleep. It came up randomly after a long day of . Levi x Reader (F) It’s The Tea. It startled you awake and you sat up straight in bed. he always has your favorite tea and makes it often for you, even without you asking. Oct 11, 2015 - "Hey Levi. m. Can you write one where Reader is Levi's older sister and she always dotes on him like a older sister would (by like fussing over his eating/sleeping/after an expedition) but she teases him as well. Levi X Reader | Saves You From Abusive Parents (Modern AU) Masterlist. -Megumi probably wants to be alone when he’s sick but he really appreciates it when . Yes, you thought you will just sleep early and wake up early the next day, do the paperwork in the morning before the cadets wake up. To Mend a Broken Heart ~ Levi x Reader. Levi screams in happiness, he holds his hands up in a grabbing motion towards Tom. genre: fluff, canon divergence — coffee shop setting. LUCIFER X READER X LEVIATHAN HEADCANONS. a/n: omg tysm for requesting this is my first aot post aaa! I’m also very sorry for how late this is, I was in a small writers block for a . Could you do one of Levi x chubby! reader where the reader is usually happy and positive until someone says they are unfit to be in the survey corps and and the reader runs off and cries and Levi defends them and then Levi goes to comfort them and it's all nice and fluffy! Thanks! ️ ️. Tom looks at the little Spider-Man alarm clock on the nightstand beside the crib whilst turning on the lights, it read 8:04 a. . Then if you need any comforting, I’ll be there. Levi is the soft counterpart to that; the emotional one. You shrugged. It’s 3 in the morning. (Levi Ackerman x Reader) Summary: When all seems lost Y/N knows that she can count on one person to always be there for her brother, Eren Jaeger, and herself. He held my waist and leant his chin on my shoulder, swaying us side to side. ” You blushed as a flattered smile came across your face. Everywhere you looked lately, babies seemed make an appearance. Hope you guys like it. Besides, the character is a bit OOC, for he is only based off of Levi and the universe . All the cadets were convinced that Levi was a dried up lonely man who was always angry and had a tall wall built in front of his heart. Sadder When [Levi | Reader | Petra | Drabble] Usually, a nice story starts with a piece of dialogue that is meant to immediately capture the reader’s attention and entice them. ” He chuckled before placing feverish, open-mouthed kisses against your neck. (Levi x Reader) Love Me- Chapter 1 Chapter 1: The game begins Sighing you slipped into your jacket. You opened your eyes and narrowed them before rubbing them, sitting up in the bed you were in. never will i ever stop talking abt levi. Live Better. a promising new recruit Four years later,. Masterlist. I don’t get a lot of sleep anyways. summary: Levi says something in an argument and you decide to give him the silent treatment. if you dont wanna do this it is alright <3 Summary: You have to reassure Levi that you still want to be with him after your work in the Survey Corps seperated you. But because of your posts, you two cannot really show it that often but initially you two spent a lot of time bitching about them. Your heart jumped to your throat, “I, umm… are you sure, Levi?” You were merely a recruit, but he was treating you like a princess. word count: 3. “No, no, no, your opinion is wrong, Levi. Levi + Librarian Reader. Walmart. Levi grabbed the blanket, pulling it back over you. Setting: Modern AU. “What? How the hell can an opinion be wrong?” he snorted, squeezing your hand a little tighter as you walked through the crowd of people. summary: you get a little careless in an expedition, and Levi lashes out on you for it. He told you he would wait for you and you clearly told him not to due to late . Warning: A teeny, tiny bit of angst. 𝐓𝐢𝐭𝐥𝐞 : the beginnig of an end 𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 : levi x reader 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 : four years passed, and levi was going to meet y / n. -he also has trouble concentrating when he’s sick. Oh and teeeeeensy bit of violence. Another tap, this time harder. Possessive reiner, pleasee💕💕. Part One and Two. aot characters reacting to reader feeling like a burden. when the door opens and you appear he jumps up like an excited puppy . genre: fluff, a lil angst. Levi + Reader- Shiganshina Battle S3. " "Tch. neck. Word Count: 993. “Dirty Secret” Levi x Reader Warnings: None! No spoilers. Tick, Tock. 1 Het 3. Before you fell asleep you heard Levi tell you, “I’ll be right back. Due to the silence of the house, the book sounded awfully loud. Between - Levi x Reader. along with that care, you finally get a chance to introduce him to a routine that he promises to follow. He was avoiding the apartment; it wouldn't surprise you if he got a hotel tonight. They knew no one would even be able to handle him so when it came up that Levi was in fact married to Captain Y/N, they were all shocked and speechless. You and Levi had been talking, the timing seemed right to try for a baby. when you’re feeling cold, if only a little, he instantly drapes his . Oi! Wake up,” you heard as you felt Levi shaking you awake. ” - “Fine you monster” - everyone in the world shipping you guys so hard Levi fell onto the bed beside you. ” You almost yelled - “I told you, I need to finish up these papers. Shit! You ‘coffee’ was actually milk. You both were riding the come down from your orgasms as you were trying to catch your breath. The cup was already empty. og post from @k3nmaluvr and some pictures are from @avkaaza. genre: mild angst, fluff. summary: a misplaced table and a pair of hands that had a knack for good tea; you wonder what brought Humanity’s Strongest to your shop. I glanced behind me to see Auroo talking with Eren. A/N: Something I wrote a while ago in an attempt to cheer myself up. "You'll bite your tongue like that. Levi and you have been dating for a while now, one of the things that bonded you together in the first place was you two hating military police to your guts. … You sat comfortable on the couch, staring aimlessly at the fireplace. You yelped in surprise as you came into contact with the harsh wood. You’re my Master Piece - Blind!Levi x Reader. Story 11. Levi just rolls his eyes as he wraps his arm around your waist. Petra, Auroo and Eren were already there. “Take your milk and go to sleep. Almost 2,000 words. “Lies & Affairs,” Pt 3 Levi x Reader. AOT boys x fem!reader. Levi continues talking, his deep voice still sleep-filled. You still do that lol. At first, Levi would take your attention from his brother, saying Lucifer was too busy anyway, but then Lucifer would make Levi feel like shit because “at least I’m not a shut-in, as you always call yourself. 'If you're on the verge of breaking, if you have a gun to your head, if your in the grasp of a titan just promise me you'll fight, you'll live and you'll never forget me. Levi x Reader - Freeform; . PAIRING: Levi Ackerman x Reader. “Told ya before, demons don’t need to sleep. reiner x fem!reader | warnings: smut, college au, fingering, exhibitionism, public masturbation, dirty talk, possessiveness/jealousy. You fell asleep after he stopped, melting into his chest. amso tends to keep his door unlocked especially when he knows you’ll end up joining him eventually. Or the paragraph comes first, the dialogue later, letting the reader’s attention flow . he starts to take care of you and protect you in little ways; he offers to walk you home and only leaves when he’s sure you’re safe. Crimson drips from your forehead. ” “Oi…. He hoped he wouldn't have to put up with that all night. GENRE: Fluff. This was an idea from @jean-does-not-have-a-horseface to say that Levi drinks a lot of milk and tries to go to sleep early because it would “help”… yeah sure, whatever you say Levi. It finally happened. The type of fight that would make or break your relationship and so far, it had you sleeping alone hugging a body pillow at 1 a. Reposted —– “Hey Michelle, your boyfriend is looking for you. My first one-shot series with . 11 notes . stop talking about her like that. Levi wasn’t the type to care too much about any one’s personal life but over time you two came closer while working on a university project but still, to a point where you two cared for each other but at the same time didn’t know much about both of your personal lives. Arriving at HQ, I led (H/n) to the stalls. 8k. Death Note dj - White dirty Angel (Белый непристойный Ангел). Sitting on a bench, you eat your bread and soup peacefully with Eren and the others. Sleep was sleep, no matter where it was. '. “Shhh. The house smelled clean as usual but it was awfully quiet meaning your boyfriend was already sleep. levi levi ackerman levi x reader levi ackerman x reader levi x you levi ackerman x you levi x y/n levi ackerman x y/n attack on titan levi attack on titan aot shingeki no kyojin snk levi aot zeke aot zeke yeager hange hange zoe hanji black eyed susan black-eyed susan levi angst hunger games au Levi looked up, sitting on the couch, his eyes going wide when he saw me. You couldn't stay up and do all that paperwork. (not a jean reference) I glanced over to my left and saw Hanji chugging down massive amounts of beer and laughing menacingly, scaring the people around her. Levi clearly isn’t the callous and uncaring man he painted himself as. Summary: How you and Gojo fell in love. Levi x Reader [15 Minutes In Heaven] The door opened, and you blushed a little when you saw the stoic Corporal enter the small room. Then you took a sip. 5M ratings LUCIFER X READER X LEVIATHAN HEADCANONS. All you could hear is the clock ticking as if time is rather slow, every second the same sound radiating. Needy. Originally posted by nanakorobiyaokii. Levi had stopped sniveling some time ago, feeling a wave of drowsiness hit him after he was done crying. Looking at yourself in the mirror looking closely if any strand of your (h/c) was still visible. wc: 6,262. You rubbed the sleep out of your eyes as you got out of . Levi x Reader Sleeping Brat. Levi x Reader (F) All Night. Levi X Reader | The Ball . She was obviously drunk, hopelessly drunk. He doesn’t move, wishing to let you sleep after the whole ordeal, but he can’t sleep sitting up so he carefully moves the both of you into a lying position. Food had to be bought and normally your boyfriend, Levi, would buy it for you but he hadn’t returned to your home in a number of days. The two of you would then relax by the fireplace, talking casually and Levi sometimes talking to the baby in your womb. Sleep Talk! Levi x Reader. -he is extremely sleepy like Yuji and he will fall asleep randomly. Morning, buddy, but you have to be quiet. 1. Careers + Embarrassed levi x reader He’d cuddle you 24/7 if he could. levi levi ackerman levi x reader levi ackerman x reader levi x you levi ackerman x you levi x y/n levi ackerman x y/n levi aot levi snk attack on titan levi levi attack on titan attack on titan aot snk shingeki no kyojin black eyed susan black-eyed susan hunger games au levi angst hanji hanji zoe hange hange aot hange zoe eren aot eren yeager . and him stuck at the office for another late work night. Your body was curled up and regretting every moment you had decided to go out. Requested: Yah!! Warnings: Fluffy!! #art #aot #attack on titan #levi x reader smut #levi x reader lemon #levi smut #aot levi #aot fanfiction #ao3 levi #digital art #digital aritst #digital drawing #digital painting #digitaldesign #my oc art #fan art #artistsoninstagram #artists on tumblr #rizaloren #digital artist #small artist #aot self insert #levi x y/n #levi x reader #levi x . Levi + Ballerina Reader. Non è possibile che qualcuno come te possa esistere, deve essere un errore. F*cking brat," Levi muttered and chucked the covers off. “Betrayal,” Levi x Reader Summary : The 3 Titan shifters (aka Annie, Reiner and Bertholdt) had stolen the last Titan serum and you end up getting framed. ” His voice is smooth, but pained and so much different from his normal monotone voice. You ran to his room. summary: with Levi being too occupied on paperwork, you patiently wait for his free time. Synopsis: A young woman who’s always wanted to be seen for who she was meets a blind man. ASMODEUS. Levi + Erwin’s Daughter Reader. Bastava solamente che tu non arrivassi, che la mia vita sarebbe finita quel giorno stesso. nct 127 x reader ↦ pairing(s): levi ackerman x reader [modern AU] ↦ word count: 4k ↦ anon request: [plus] (Same anon asking the angst & fluff anon) _ but she doesn’t. Levi ackerman x reader pt3. "Sleep! Sleep! You need to sleep [f/n]!" Bringing your left hand to your face, you closed your eyes. When she regains consciousness she doesn’t even look at Levi, but after days of taking care of her and apologizing they finally reconcile (Full ANGST & fluffy plz) Levi x Reader (F) Silent Treatment. On the short walk to his connecting office, you berated yourself for not being able to sleep without his . You would so let him cuddle you all day, every day. ” - “No cuddles for a week. Don’t Die on Me {Levi x Reader} TW: Gore, Angst The screams of your fallen soldiers were enough to keep you going, and the sharp outline of the letter you held close to your chest caused papercuts across your fingers. it seems like he’s dozed off whilst trying to make notes on fluid dynamics. ” You instructed him, giving him a nudge as he sneakily tried to nibble on your neck. “Levi, you can’t keep knocking out everyone who talks about yesterday”, you say, gesturing to about thirty soldiers unconscious on the ground. Secret Life of Gojo Satoru 3. All night you were complaining of pain in your sleep and had high fever. Titan Shifter Levi + Reader Part 3. part 1 <– Eren, Levi, . When she regains consciousness she doesn’t even look at Levi, but after days of taking care of her and apologizing they finally reconcile (Full ANGST & fluffy plz) Could you do one of Levi x chubby! reader where the reader is usually happy and positive until someone says they are unfit to be in the survey corps and and the reader runs off and cries and Levi defends them and then Levi goes to comfort them and it's all nice and fluffy! loves to talk to you before sleep . pairings: levi, hange, armin, eren, reiner x gn!reader. WC: 2. Levi x Reader - Oblivion. Cheater levi x reader x petra Levi you son of a b**ch. could’ve discerned while talking. Levi + Underground Daughter Reader Part 2. The Request | Levi X Reader Not going to lie, I went really overboard with this, but this was a continuation/story adaptation for the HCs I did earlier that was requested. A/N: this is my first time writing for levi/aot in general and just overall my first time in a long time from doing creative writing i . Warnings: Thigh riding, degrading, daddy kink —————————— 2:47am, nearly three hours since your lover said he was “almost done” Rubbing your eyes, you decided to go and visit him once more. Literally your relationship is a cuddle fest. Megumi Fushiguro. ” You took your coffee and prepared the movie. Levi returned, caught one glimpse of you, and sighed. Sleeping Habits (Levi X Reader) Something lightly tapped your shoulder. ⤷ Levi. Pairing: Levi Ackerman x Reader. wait. Requests are OPEN. I repeat his words in my head, I'll always remember you Levi, I'll always lov. Can I request a Levi ackerman x fem Reader scenario? Levi is genuinely happy around y/n and y/n loves making Levi laugh. attack on titan x reader captain levi x reader levi ackerman x reader levi ackerman fluff jean kirstein x reader squad leader mom au eren yeager x reader mikasa ackerman x reader sasha braus x reader connie springer x reader aot fluff aot x reader i tried this shorter format so there will be more!! armin arlert x reader platonic relationships! Levi looked up, sitting on the couch, his eyes going wide when he saw me. 5M ratings SYNOPSIS: In a world infested with mindless, horrendous human-chomping titans, you’d never expected that Levi taking care of you was how you’d go out. reader: gender neutral, no pronouns used. com | Save Money. You and Levi had the fight. he puts his hand on your back when you walk or protects you with his body in crowded places. Levi had lost so many people already. levi ackerman levi ackermann levi ackerman x reader levi ackermann x reader levi x reader attack on titan aot attack on titan x reader aot x reader shingeki no kyojin shingeki no kyojin x reader snk snk x reader as u can tell i need to practice writing smut more lmao im not crazy about how this turned out i might rewrite it later on we’ll see . ” you giggled, slipping your jacket on over your shoulders. Levi lets out a short “tch” as he walks away, sitting next to you at the table and softly kisses your cheek. He needed her and she was dead, a consequence of a mistake -a choice- that he made. Normally, it might be followed by a long paragraph depicting what follows it. teen MC comfort. right. You mumbled and shook it off. " You were woken up by the sound of a book dropping on the floor. warnings: swearing, season two spoilers, kinda slandering 💀. Cue in levi glaring at them and threatening them. Levi + Reader- Strangers To Lovers. author’s note: THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY THANK YOU FOR THIS- but i never got that much attention as a kid either don’t worry- i think that’s why my love language is now physically touch🧍‍♂️anyways this basically turned into “showing off my favorite video games to the brothers because i really want to rant . ♡ ♡ ♡. Can humanity’s strongest not only keep Eren in line, but keep his relationship alive as well? how levi and reader (y/n) come to meet and fall in love. ‘You want me to what?’ you asked, blinking at Erwin as he sat in his chair, already beginning to shrink beneath his desk as the unhappy glint began to wink through your eyes. Prompt #124. It’s unusually quiet in the mess hall and you’re certain it’s because of the amount of casualties resulting from the expedition held . He would retire to his own room for the night and do paperwork. how levi and reader (y/n) come to meet and fall in love. “Yes, really. Levi x Male Reader. The only difference is that both of you don’t sleep together. Despite just being woken up, his words and tone are still silky smooth. “The movie was great,” you stated . You certainly weren’t going back to bed any time soon. ” Levi is jeolous . You couldn't do it anymore. -but after a while he notices that trying to train or learn is useless in this state and he will go back to bed to rest. Word Count: 10k (well that’s reasonable) A/N: This is a modern AU and it contains no reference to Attack on Titan. rene answers for real tho i love doing this jsjsjs the feels are immaculate imagines fanfiction levi x reader . 3k. Too late. ” Michelle is the name that you’re using overseas, your coworkers are kind enough not to bug you too much about your past or whatsoever and you’re more than thankful for that. anime and sleep. You had kicked your blanket off yourself, tossing and turning in your sleep. tw/cw: none! <3. Even when you and Deku have been dating for a while he still gets super excited to cuddle with you. Words - 3,990 [kinda short but its cute :] Summary - You give Levi the care he oh so is desperate for and the sleep that his body and mind demand for. Levi laced his fingers in-between yours as you walked out of the theatre and towards the concession stand. “You’re a fucking idiot,” I managed out. “I never get used to seeing them die. “Dude. Can you possibly do a Levi x Reader x Hanji? Maybe both Levi and Hanji have feelings for the reader and end up getting a bit competitive over it and some of the other vets just find it funny? The reader is close with both of them and ends up being in love with them both but worries both of them will think low of her. You’re just so cute and adorable and sweet that he can’t resist scooping you up and holding you. You couldn’t help but feel sleepy as your body began to relax. next. Levi placed a hand on his hip. Sleepy (Levi x Reader) You quietly unlocked the door to your shared house with Levi letting yourself in and slipping off your work shoes, switching them with slippers. he always tries his best to have the same sleep schedule as you but at times it just seems to fail, just like now. Façade or Felt [Levi Ackerman x GN!Reader][Fake Dating College AU] Word Count: 5664 Description: Y/N goes to Levi’s family’s Christmas Party Author’s Note: yup back to this fandom again… - forcing Levi to sleep on time, when you sleep that’s when he sleeps - “Levi Ackerman come to bed right now. He ordered you to get into bed while he changed, and you gladly complied. As soon as the heavy wooden door closed behind me, I ran up, him meeting me halfway, and swung my arms around his neck. “I’m not tired!” He . I also think his sense of humor would come out a little as small jokes in the . Milk Makes You Tall | Levi Ackerman x Reader I remember reading this from somewhere and I just thought about it again and I knew that I had to write this for Levi because it fits Levi so well I just. Originally posted by ackersoul. He was not about to lose you. Follow/Fav (Levi x Reader) Dirty Talking By: KurooUsagii-chan A series of long and short one-shots situated in a modern universe, the one-shots join together to tell a story. " (Y/N)! (Y/N)!" "Mmm. “That’s right. Eyes shooting open, you saw a pair of boots. He made you lose focus. Genre - Fluff, modern!au . Mummy is still sleeping; you don’t want to wake her and the baby up. Levi x Drunk! Reader ( ) The recent expedition was a success, everyone was partying till the horses come home, i mean till the cows come home. “Daddy!”. disclaimer/warnings: vomiting mentioned, minor character death, very very minor nsfw mentions (not descriptive content though)…blink and you’ll miss it. levi x reader sleep talking